1.      What will I have access to if I subscribe?

Whether you are a monthly or quarterly subscriber, you will have access to all the next-level meditations & affirmations on Keeping it Mindful. These are added to each week, so you will have so many great meditations to try out & make your favourites!

2.      What if I am a meditation newbie?

Then you are very welcome here!

There are meditations on Keeping it Mindful that will suit every level of experience. In fact, if you are a beginner, then these meditations are targeted to be more accessible to you. They use visualisation & simple, but very powerful techniques to transform your thoughts, energy & life through practice!

Why not try some of the Take 5 Reset Meditations & the Sleepy Stories to start off with?

3.      Is Keeping it Mindful for me?

This is a tricky question to answer. However, if you feel held back by your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours sometimes, would love to take back power in your life, feel more connected with yourself, enhance your self-love & so much more… then it’s worth a try isn’t it!

You can experience everything Keeping it Mindful has to offer for FREE for 7 days!

4.      How often will I find new meditations on here?

Every week there will be several new meditations added! So you will always have new meditations to try out… but you can always come back to your favourites too.

5.      Who is Kim?

Kim is a writer, speaker, meditation & mindful-living advocate, who has seen the transformational power of guided meditation and is continuing to see its life-changing effects in her everyday life. Self-improvement through the practice of meditation is helping her create her DREAM life and become her IDEAL self, and she is now sharing this with you!

6.      Why are you called Keeping it Mindful?

Keeping it Mindful started its journey as a blog that focused on mindful living & holistic well-being. Over time, Keeping it Mindful has evolved into something so much more… but the name has remained!

Whether you are meditating to improve your mindset, boost your mood, relax & wind down or just because you love the way it makes you feel on all levels… keeping yourself mindful is where it all begins!

7.      How quickly will I see results?

This all depends on you, your commitment & where you are starting from. You can see results & feel a shift in your state of being within days.

Approaching these meditations with an open mind & heart will help you see results more quickly… and creating a consistent/daily habit of meditating will help too!

Keeping it Mindful is all about self-improvement through PRACTICE… as with most life-changing things, meditation requires consistency & commitment to see truly life-altering results! I’m excited for you…

8.      Can I cancel at any time?

Of course. Our circumstances change & sometimes a habit that was once a priority needs to take a backseat for a while… but, you are always welcome back!

9.      I have a support issue - who can I contact?

You can share your support problem at this email: Please allow 24-48 hours for a response!

10.      Can I share my account with a friend?

Sorry, no. Keeping it Mindful’s policy is to have one account per person and we check IP addresses to confirm this is being followed.

However, there is an amazing way you can share the gift of Keeping it Mindful with your friend – there are gift cards available! Check out the footer for our gift card options!

Self-Improvement Through Practice

A meditation practice designed with every day in mind!